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Host a Drive

While most of us are blessed enough to have more than we need, there are thousands of families and individuals in the Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas who are less fortunate. Organizing a food or clothing drive (or really any kind of charity drive) is a wonderful way to share our abundance with those around us in need of some assistance.

Tips to hosting a drive

  1. Form a committee to determine when, where, and how you’ll hold your drive. Get your members’ input and tap into their connections and expertise.

  2. Set a goal ... a reasonable one. You want to motivate your team members to meet a goal that can be accomplished with the right amount of drive, and make it measurable: pounds of food collected, number of meals supplied, or dollar amount raised. Look for matching opportunities from other organizations that could double or triple your impact.

  3. Plan your collection site. Do you want to have a single drop-off point for incoming donations, such as a school cafeteria or the entrance to your workplace? How about several? Do you want to host your drive at a local event? Choose a location

  4. Reserve your drop-off/drive location. Make sure that your collection location is approved by the owner of the location before you begin to set up and advertise.

  5. Recruit volunteers. Ask your friends or colleagues to participate, or enlist your kids and family.

  6. Promote your event.

  7. Event day! It’s the big day! Gather your volunteers and get ready for the flood of donations coming your way! Be sure to have large signs to attract people and to let them know what you are hosting. 

  8. Deliver your donations to the organization you are supporting.

  9. Thank your donors. Even if you can’t thank each contributor individually, show your gratitude by posting photos from your event on your website and on social media.

If you would like to host a drive in support of Live in Love Foundation's program efforts please contact us at

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